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Mersinlik, North Cyrus

One of the fırst settlements in the world

Located in Iskele, near the eastern slopes of Five Finger Mountains, you can find the panoramic Fflamoudi/Mersinlik village, six kilometers west of Kantara Castle. e. The local lime tree's blossom, "Phlamoudhi" has been suggested as the possible inspiration for the town's name. In 1975, Turkish Cypriots gave the town its current name, Mersinlik, which means "place of myrsine trees" in Turkish. According to the researchers, the mystery of the rapid relocation of the Phlamoudhi population 35 centuries ago has been partially solved. The enigma stays and you are welcome to walk through the trails of their former inhabitants.

What is Around

Within a 60KM radius of the site, you'll find an assortment of compelling attractions catering to a variety of interests. These range from the convenience of the airport and the charm of local towns, to historical treasures such as castles and ancient sites, as well as the allure of hiking hotspots. Nestled in the midst of unspoiled nature, the site also serves as a showcase for the authentic and local products of Cyprus, particularly the region's esteemed olives and olive oil.

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