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KAIA isn’t just a residential project, it’s a comprehensive lifestyle destination masterfully designed to harmonize with the needs of our diverse residents. We believe in creating an environment that complements the rhythm of everyday life, fostering a community that values wellness, connection, sustainability, and enjoyment in equal measure. 

In this ethos, the culinary journey plays a significant role. Our on-site restaurant, expertly managed by seasoned chefs, offers an eclectic array of international and local delicacies. Post-meal, residents can unwind at the pool bar, relishing in an enchanting environment that intertwines the serene ambiance with the mesmerizing views of the coast. Understanding the ever-evolving work norms, we offer a thoughtfully designed co-working space within our community. This serves as an innovative hub for professionals, providing them with a flexible, inspiring environment that fuels productivity, collaboration, and creativity.

At KAIA, we believe that shared activities and experiences bring people closer. Our community gardens are a testament to this philosophy, serving as verdant spaces where residents can cultivate their own produce, connect with nature, and foster a sense of shared responsibility towards the environment. Our strategic location also allows for direct access to a pristine sandy beach, offering residents the chance to relish the coastline’s tranquility and beauty. 

Appreciating nature’s bounty doesn’t end at the beach. Our scenery viewing platform offers panoramic views of the surroundings, serving as a constant reminder of the stunning locale we call home. The network of walking and cycling paths that crisscross the development encourage residents to explore the outdoors and engage in regular physical activity.

Wellness is woven into the fabric of KAIA’s design. Our fitness studio, equipped with the latest facilities, caters to various fitness routines, while yoga classes promote mental well-being. For a more leisurely approach to wellness, our spa, sauna, and hot tubs offer a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. The traditional Hammam and steam room further enhance the wellness offering, providing a unique mix of relaxation and luxury. 

Recognizing the importance of catering to our younger residents, we have dedicated spaces for children. Our vibrant children’s pool and playground are designed to engage them in fun, physical activities. Adults too have their dedicated pool, perfect for those seeking a peaceful swim.

Rounding off our comprehensive lifestyle offering is our community market. It provides a convenient shopping solution within the community, offering a range of local and sustainable products. In essence, KAIA aims to transform every single day into a unique lifestyle experience that touches upon all facets of modern living.