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In the heart of the beautiful North-Cyprus coast, a new residential project is taking root – KAIA. KAIA isn’t just another housing project, but a manifestation of our commitment towards sustainable living and eco-friendly development practices. It is our ode to the future, a harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and ecological responsibility. 

In the conceptualization and design of KAIA, we have integrated the principles of sustainability in three main categories – Passive, Active, and Social. We believe that the key to genuine sustainability lies in this intricate balance, allowing us to create an environment that benefits residents, society, and nature alike.

The Passive approach prioritizes natural parameters, efficiency, and flexibility. It takes into account the local climate and natural elements, creating optimal thermal comfort. Shading, wind, air quality, and acoustics have been carefully considered to ensure a comfortable micro-climate within the development.  

Our Active approach focuses on leveraging technology for sustainability. Solar hot water collectors are used to meet household hot water demands. Grey water systems help in saving water, while the water management systems increase efficiency. We’ve made the most of the Mediterranean climate for clean energy generation. These technological interventions ensure that KAIA remains energy-efficient, minimizing our carbon footprint. 

The Social aspect is equally important. We’ve crafted KAIA as a community that encourages interaction and enhances well-being. We’ve designed communal spaces that host events, markets, festivals, and more. The spaces cater to all ages and promote physical activities such as walking and sports, all while ensuring a biophilic design supporting relaxation and tranquillity.

Our residences are more than just homes – they are an embodiment of our philosophy of sustainability. From the careful orientation of the buildings to minimize solar gain in the summer and maximize it in the winter, to the selection of vegetation to ensure good air quality, every detail has been fine-tuned with sustainability in mind. 

KAIA is about harmonious co-existence. It is where luxury meets sustainability, where community meets individuality, and where nature meets design. It is our commitment towards future generations, and our vision of what the future of residential living should be – a place where we live, grow, thrive, and sustain.

 As GMH Development, we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting journey. With KAIA, we continue our commitment to eco-conscious development and hope to inspire others to join us in this endeavor.