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In the evolving landscape of residential living, we, at GMH Development, have proudly embarked on our latest venture, KAIA. As a North-Cyprus based company, we are fusing architectural elegance and sustainable living to redefine community-based living. KAIA, our new coastal haven, merges seamlessly with the serenity of its natural habitat, offering an idyllic and sustainable residential experience. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape, we’ve crafted eight exclusive villas. With a spacious 145 sqm of net interior, lofty ceilings, a useful mezzanine, and generous outdoor spaces, each villa is a testament to our unwavering commitment to design and quality. Here, luxury coexists with sustainability, offering residents an eco-friendly haven with unrivalled sea views.

Just a stone’s throw from these villas, our Courtyard houses enrich the diversity of the KAIA community. Each 145 sqm unit, complete with a 3+1 loft and a separate 1+1 guest house, encapsulates our understanding of contemporary living. From the versatile mezzanine to the terraces and gardens, we’ve designed these houses to adapt to the varying lifestyles of our residents. In addition to our courtyards, our unique two-bedroom duplex houses offer an intimate retreat. With a 95 sqm interior space, these units are designed to emphasise relaxation and privacy. From a functional mezzanine and office to the possibility of a jacuzzi on the balcony of the third-floor master bedroom, we’re redefining luxury living. And last but not least, our attached one and two-bedroom apartment block offer a more lively and integrated community experience as they are located right by the pool as well as the amenities building.

In Perfect Balance With Nature

But KAIA is more than just a collection of residences. It’s a fully integrated community designed to attract a broad spectrum of residents, from young professionals to families. We have created a lifestyle that emphasises wellness, collaboration, and community spirit while offering a host of amenities like social spaces, wellness areas, and a community garden.

KAIA exemplifies our vision at GMH Development: to innovate and push the boundaries of residential living. We are not only meeting but surpassing customer expectations with the marriage of design, quality, and a unique community living concept. With KAIA, we continue to champion a life that is in perfect balance with nature.